Why visit the fair?

MetalMadrid is the best way to find out about the latest products and obtain information about market trends. It allows you to attend demonstrations and presentations of new products and/or services in person.

A fair for professionals.

The concentration of businesses at MetalMadrid allows you to access the best offering in the sector in one place within a short time, and compare information about prices, characteristics and performance, with the resulting savings in costs.

MetalMadrid offers you the chance to consult its technical staff or make the most of special purchase opportunities that are only offered at the fair.

All those who visit MetalMadrid can convert their visit into a business opportunity by initiating, continuing or closing purchases and orders already in process.

Visitantes profesionales para aprovechar oportunidades.

MetalMadrid offers its visitors a wide array of services designed to make their attendance at the Fair more effective, comfortable and profitable.

MetalMadrid will be organising a series of congresses, seminars and simultaneous events which constitute an irrefutable source of information on the trends and evolution of the sector.

They provide the necessary information for you to evaluate the possibility of future participation as an exhibitor.

You can create an agenda of visits with existing and potential suppliers and clients, so that your presence at the fair enables you to obtain maximum benefits.

You receive regular information about the evolution and latest news at the fair.