Why exhibit at the fair?

MetalMadrid is the Only Industrial Sector Fair in the Central Region of Spain.

An opportunity to “widen your business and market area”, and get to know the possibilities offered by other regions and new sectors.

Discover what MetalMadrid offers

Participating in MetalMadrid means enlisting support for your company’s business strategy and is an efficient option for strengthening its image, consolidating your brand in the sector and guaranteeing its market positioning and its projection abroad.

Visiting MetalMadrid brings you valuable marketing benefits, and is also the best option for you to feel the pulse of the market, establish business contacts, test the impact of products and new articles, assess your position with respect to competitors, gain access to clients with important decision-taking power and exchange knowledge and experiences.

The format of MetalMadrid makes it a trade fair which is in keeping with modern times, one that shuns pomp and show, with different types of exhibitions to suit the needs of each company. We offer exhibitors the necessary tools to ensure it is worthwhile experience.

Los expositores reciben multitud de valores añadidos a su presencia en la Feria.

MetalMadrid offers all companies who want to take part in the fair a wide range of services designed to ensure their attendance at the Fair is more effective, comfortable and profitable.

Participating in MetalMadrid means important cost savings for companies, since buyers and suppliers are concentrated at one time and in one place, with the interesting option of potential clients being able to close their purchase operations at the fair itself.

It allows you to strengthen your personal ties with clients from the region, build up your relations with them in their own territory and show them how important they are for your company.

Make use of all the options that MetalMadrid offers you for announcing your presence at the event, controlling your participation and setting up meetings.